A new employer’s association, Conpymes , has been born , destined to defend the interests of SMEs and the self-employed . Despite their insistence that “they are not born against anyone”, their creation has been viewed with suspicion by the CEOE and Cepyme .

In fact, it is an organization that will try to counterbalance and gain representation. The third vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz , has participated in the act of public presentation of this organization, as well as representatives of all the parties and even the former Minister of Labor with the PSOE, Valeriano Gómez .

The president of Pimec, one of the most active organizations in this movement, Antoni Cañete , who is also vice president of the new entity and its spokesperson, stated in the presentation that it is about ending “an anomaly in the representativeness of the 99.8% of the productive fabric “, which lacks a voice. He has denounced that in Spain there is a tax system that benefits large companies more than small and medium-sized companies.

And the same happens with the cost of energy, “discrimination” with public purchase or failure to meet payment terms, which exceed 190 days on average. He has also demanded that the representatives of the political parties, also attending the presentation ceremony, “legislate in a small way” , that is, taking into account the interests of SMEs.

Begoña Gómez participated in the event with a presentation entitled ‘The social impact as an opportunity “. The wife of the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez participated as director of the Extraordinary Chair for Competitive Social Transformation at the Complutense University of Madrid”.

Conpymes is a project that has had in the organization Plataforma Pymes , created in 2018 , its point of reference, although the idea arose in 2016. The objective of this organization, chaired by the Aragonese real estate developer José Luis Roca , is to defend a productive model different, “sustainable and more inclusive” and with more competition. In his opinion, SMEs are the greatest guarantors of this free competition.

Despite the controversy that its creation has aroused, Cañete has insisted that it is not born “against anyone” but rather has the objective of placing SMEs and freelancers “on the command bridge”.

According to data from the entity itself, it already represents 2.1 million companies , the result of the integration of a score of representative cross-sector organizations. Cañete has assured that SMEs are an “engine of the economy”, lacking a “voice to represent them.”

The president of Pimec recalled that in Catalonia there is a more comparable employer map with Europe , with two employers (the other is Foment, which is part of the CEOE), each defending its interests but acting with unity when they are common. For this reason, Cañete has insisted that with the creation of Conpymes “no one has to get nervous.”

Constitutional right
María Jesús Landáburu, also vice president, as representative of the self-employed as president of UATAE, has affirmed that the constitutional right to have a voice at the dialogue tables has not been “sufficiently represented.”

Its associates so far include, in addition to Pimec, the National Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers (Anpier), the only representative of the energy sector; the Catalan Association of Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs (Acede); the Spanish Association of Slope Specialist Companies (Aeeet); the Associations, Federations and National Cleaning Companies (Afelin); or the National Association of Bus Transportation Entrepreneurs (Anetra).

It is also made up of the employers’ association of SMEs of Ibiza and Formentera (Pimeef), the organizations of Mallorca (Pimem) and Menorca (Pime Menorca), as well as the Multisectoral Platform against Bad Debt (PMcM), chaired by Antoni Cañete, as well as the College Barcelona Commercial Agents Official (Coacb), the National Association of Swine Cattle Traders (Ancoporc), the National Association of Phytosanitary Equipment Inspection Companies (Aniteaf), the National Association of Agricultural, Livestock, Agro-industrial and Environmental Training Companies (Anefagam) or the Spanish Federation of women managers, executives, professionals and businesswomen (Fedepe), among others.

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