In the same way that the Spanish market rose dramatically in April, but fell compared to 2019 , the European car market soared, according to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) , by 218.6% to 862,226 units , a A figure that represents an increase of almost 600,000 more units compared to the same month last year, in which Covid-19 closed the dealerships in the most important markets on the continent.

In fact, this is the reason for the increase, because compared to April 2019, 300,000 fewer cars were registered in the European Union last month .

The markets that last year were forced to stop their activity due to the pandemic are those that in 2021 have registered the greatest increases. Of the four major markets, Italy was the one that grew the most, 3,276.8% , followed by Spain , 1,787.9% , France , 568.8% , and Germany , 90% .

In the accumulated of the year, the European Union accumulates 3.4 million deliveries , which represents a growth of 24.4% compared to the first four months of 2020. Again, Covid-19 is the cause of these figures.

All markets and brands rise
Italy was by far the best performing European market in April compared to the same month in 2020 . Ireland positioned itself as the second country with the highest increase, of 1,988.6%, ahead of Spain and Belgium (602.3%).

In the accumulated of the year, only the Lithuanian market (-7.3%), the Portuguese (-4.5%), the Romanian (-14.5%) and the Slovak (-0.9%) decreased compared to the first five months of 2020. The United Kingdom , already counted outside the European Union , rose 3,176.6% in April with 141,583 units and accumulates a growth of 16.2% in 2021, with 567,108 deliveries.

The panorama in terms of brands is similar, all presenting better figures in April. Among the most striking are the increases of Seat , of 324%, of Fiat , of 434%, of Jeep , of 633.4%, of Lancia , of 4,501.8%, or of Land Rover , of 658.8%, among many other firms.

The Volkswagen Group was once again the most demanded automobile group on the continent with 232,188 deliveries, 195% more, followed by Stellantis , with 202,237 sales (+ 333%), and the Renault Group , with 79,149 units (+ 184.5%) . In the accumulated of the year, only DS (-3.5%), Alfa Romeo (-0.1%),Lada (-30.3%) and Honda (-13.7%).

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