The market faces a reactivation of operations after the brake caused by the pandemic last year.

The 37% of companies Spanish planned mergers and acquisitions this year, which represents a “major revitalization” of these operations compared to 2020, when the market was marked by the impact of the pandemic. This is clear from a survey carried out by the KMPG consulting firm in collaboration with the CEOE employer of more than 1,400 companies between the past months of November and January.

Last year, only 13% of these companies made a purchase and only 7% completed an integration. In contrast, 24% of the surveyed firms plan to make an acquisition that year and 13% estimate that they will embark on a merger . The percentage of companies that consider making alliances to develop business with other companies has also increased from 20% to 35% .

The main motivations put forward are the possibility of increasing the customer base and taking advantage of the good opportunities offered by the market (40% of the companies indicate this in both cases). In addition, 35% argue that it is a way to consolidate their market share .

Regarding the main difficulties in carrying out operations, 73% have cited economic uncertainty , well ahead of those that have referred to doubts about the evolution of the health crisis (47%).

“In the months of confinement, investment activity was almost completely paralyzed . Then, with the first de-escalation, investment activity again gained prominence, especially in the world of the ‘mid-market’ (medium-sized companies), and, after the In the summer, it increased significantly due to the heat of private equity funds and the facilities to obtain debt.

All this has fostered a climate of confidence in mergers and acquisitions operations in 2021. Digital transformation , the relevance of technology and the agenda IS G (environmental, social and governance, for its acronym in English) appear as deep energizers of the industry in the coming months, “said Jorge Riopérez, partner of KPMG.

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