The recent changes in the cabinet of the leader of the Popular Party, with the appointment of Diego Sanjuanbenito – replacing Pablo Hispán as head – do not escape some controversy when explaining the role of the university professor, José María Rotellar, another of the protagonists of those changes in the leadership of the party.

And it is that Rotellar was placed on Saturday night, according to published information, he was placed as head of the Economic Advisory, a kind of Economic Office. In itself, it is an area compatible with the Directorate of the Economic Area of ​​the Popular Party, whose head is the former minister and now a deputy, Elvira Rodríguez.

However, hours after this announcement, the party made a point, pointing out that José María Rotellar “has been collaborating with the Popular Party for a long time, and that he will continue to do so” as an advisor, explain sources from the formation led by Pablo Casado. , not without qualifying that this information could have come from the Directorate of the Economic Area.

By the way, a clarification that partly coincides with what was expressed by the professor of Economics at the Francisco Vitoria University, who limits himself to indicating that his work is that of an external advisor , who reads papers and prepares files, without any further link with the Popular Party.

In this sense, PP sources insist on Rotellar’s performance, and note that his work as an advisor is the same as he has been doing for years, not without stating that Rotellar is the head of the Economic Area of ​​the president’s cabinet.

The truth is that the confusion or clarification about the ‘no’ appointment of the university professor is part of a stage of changes that precede the ideological rearmament with which the PP wants to arrive at the Autumn National Convention, with the celebration of 25 tables of job. The PP anticipates that it will work on a strategic document “as an open call to Spaniards, incorporating representatives of civil society, different sectors and attracting talent within and outside the PP.”

However, when asked by the Secretary General of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, in case these changes imply a shift in political strategy, he assured that he will continue working “in the line marked” by Casado since he prevailed in the primaries and did with the reins of Genoa.

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