The arrival of summer and the lifting of restrictions on activity imposed to curb the pandemic seem to have energized the performance of the labor market in these months prior to the holidays due to the hiring and recovery of Erte workers.

According to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, José Luis Escrivá, in May the number of contributors registered with Social Security will increase by 200,000 people. So the global affiliation would stand in this fifth month of 2021 at 19.2 million workers , which means touching the levels prior to the pandemic and the economic crisis caused by the restrictions applied.

Thus, Minister Escrivá announced on Monday that Social Security membership will increase by more than 200,000 contributors in May, a month in which workers in temporary employment regulation files (Erte) have also dropped by nearly 100,000. “We will surely exceed 200,000 workers,” said the minister, who specified that, with seasonal adjustments, the increase in membership will be 50,000.

Escrivá recalls in this regard that May is a “traditionally good” month for affiliation due to the hiring that is carried out for the summer, a situation that is taking place this year, compared to the May pandemic that was experienced in 2020.

The minister assures that tourism and hospitality are joining the economic recovery, but the rest of the activities “have already been very strong for a few months.” “We are seeing a very horizontal recovery,” he adds.

Regarding the workers in Erte, he points out that May is also having “a very positive dynamic,” since the month will close with a decrease of nearly 100,000 workers in Erte . In this sense, he recalled that last Thursday the number of workers in Erte was around 550,000, compared to the million in January of this year.

Asked if a new extension of the Erte will be necessary when the month of September ends, Escrivá has limited himself to pointing out that September “is very far away” and that it will already be evaluated.

However, official sources acknowledge that the latest government proposal, with fewer exemptions, is proposed under the premise that the economic recovery and the labor market will intensify in the coming months, so it will be necessary to roll back the aid instruments articulated to the start of the pandemic to face the economic and demand crisis.

So in anticipation that the summer will help that economic growth and job recovery, it seems clear that the Executive will insist on the next extension in this reduction of the exonerations for workers in Erte, to accelerate the workforce adjustments that are They will give in certain sectors with employees in Erte but whose companies have not yet returned to their jobs. In many of these cases, the fall in structural demand in the sector,

Further, it will be necessary to observe the behavior of the affiliation after the last day of August and the readjustment of the seasonal positions, to appreciate the true situation of the labor market for the last quarter of the year.

Almost 10 billion for freelancers
The Social Security will pay 417.62 million euros this Monday to more than 442,000 self-employed workers who have been recognized by some of the benefits implemented to alleviate the situation of this group as a result of the pandemic. From March of last year to May 2021, around 9,700 million euros have been allocated in aid for the self-employed , including exemptions (3,111 million euros) and benefits (6,610 million euros).

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