Did you know that the gilda was the first pintxo to be had in the bars of the Basque Country? And who were the vacationers from the interior of the Peninsula who named the delicacies on a toothpick that way? If, in addition to delving into the traditions and Basque culinary history, you want to learn how to cook a good marmitako or some cod croquettes without drama, you have just found your new gastronomic bible.

Marti Buckley changed the stove in the kitchen in which she worked in Alabama (United States) for a keyboard in San Sebasti√°n leaning on a pintxos bar . For 11 years, the now-also writer has explored the gastronomic corners of the Basque Country from the guts of the earth, but providing a foreign and passionate look.

Diving in the caves of Basque gastronomy, however, is doing it in their society. Customs, traditions, and behaviors of men and women in the Basque Country are closely linked to the art of cooking and eating.

In his book Basque cuisine (Planeta Gastro), Buckley offers us an authentic journey through the Basque Country where history, culture and tradition are enmeshed with the classic recipes of hake in green sauce, cod omelette or juvenile calimocho. In an imperceptible, almost organic way, we went from prowling the ins and outs of a gastronomic society to instructions for making stuffed peppers. As it happens in Basque life.

The success of this multi-award-winning volume (chosen as the best cookbook of the year by The New York Times and the Euskadi de Gastronomy Award for the best publication) lies in surpassing the classic recipe book to offer something more, a cultural experience necessary to understand the Basque passion for food and why life revolves around it.

Among its pages we will find authentic curiosities, such as the history of the pintxo bar -the name of these delicacies was invented by vacationers from the interior of the country-, the process to preserve anchovies or the secrets to pair the chacolí. They also lead us inside the markets and the cider houses.

And the most important. His classic recipe book does not bury the amateur cook in an endless list of impossible ingredients and elaborations. If you want to cook any of these star dishes -the best pintxos, meats, fish, stews, cakes and drinks-, you will be encouraged to do so by clear instructions and a brief list of ingredients, as well as the perfect photographs to dream of a delicious result final.

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