Nextil Will Open A Factory In Guatemala Mark1199 With 40 Million. Nextil Group will open a fabric production center in Guatemala in which it will invest 40 million euros. The 25,000-square-meter plant is expected to come into operation in the first quarter of 2023.

The new factory will be located 30 minutes from Guatemala City, with easy access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Pan-American highway, which provides connection to practically all continents.

Its geographical location will allow Nextil Group to access the market for large productions, competing with Asian suppliers, and make profitable those current items that are in deficit, obtaining maximum efficiencies in logistics and distribution, with preferential tariff accesses, the Spanish textile multinational has indicated.

The factory will have 350 local workers on its staff, which will increase as the production rate increases. In addition, it will train university students from Guatemala who want to dedicate themselves to the textile sector, and will maintain the social advantages and social responsibility comparable to Nextil’s production centers in Europe and the United States, such as a health clinic, business pantry with credits, bag of monthly groceries, or an employee loan fund.

The industrial plant will optimize the cost structure with respect to the current centers of the group and will maintain the certifications of origin of the products thanks to the agreements with which this Central American country has.

Guatemala has the EUR1 certification, which allows preserving the origin of the merchandise from both Europe and the United States, in turn obtaining preferential treatment when entering these markets. “Without a doubt this has been one of the key points when choosing the place to build our new production plant,” says Manuel Martos, CEO of the firm.

Nextil Group will retain its current production locations in Spain and the United States for the production of value-added specialties, for the development of new products, local and commercial logistics.

According to the CEO, the intention is “to access a market that due to cost structure is now being vetoed from us, maintaining the current plants in value-added items and for the development of new collections in Spain.

Following its policy of environmental commitment, the new plant of the textile group will implement a carbon footprint reduction plan and will incorporate state-of-the-art machinery and advanced systems in energy saving, rainwater treatment and reuse of resources, among others.

In addition, it will move the main basis of the Greendyes dyeing method to this new center. This group’s patented dyeing process is characterized by its reduced use of water, use of toxic products and by running the process at room temperature, considerably reducing energy consumption.

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