Judicial agreement 12 years after the Horta de Sant Joan (Terra Alta) fire, in which five firefighters lost their lives and devastated 1,000 hectares of forest area. The defendants have accepted sentences of up to four years in prison and compensation of close to nine million euros , according to TV-3.

The Tarragona Prosecutor’s Office, the Generalitat, as a private prosecution and the lawyers of the two defendants, have reached an agreement and there will be no trial.

On July 20, 2009, the Horta de Sant Joan fire had enormous consequences. 1,000 hectares of forest in the Parc Natural dels Ports were calcined, dozens of families feared for their houses and during their extinction Ramón Espinet, Jaume Arpa, Pau Costa, Jordi and David.

Five young firefighters from the Forest Action Group (Graf) died from Lleida who could not outwit hell and were trapped in the middle of the fire. Josep Pallàs was the only one who was saved but suffered serious injuries.

Antonio Paz and Lorenzo Forner , the arsonists today confessed to a crime of forest fire in competition with five of homicide for serious recklessness and a crime of reckless injuries, were aspiring firefighters. And they decided to set fire in the heat of summer heat. In their day they declared that they did not value the danger that the bonfire could carry and that at no time did they be moved by a pyromaniac will.

One declared that he even took off the shirt he was wearing to help his partner turn off the little game that spread because of a “demonized breeze”, while the other defendant denied it.

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