When they were arrested, months later, the Mossos found at least 15 photographs where the defendants are portrayed, with an appearance of little concern , in front of a column of smoke. So they went to prison, but for only a few days. They left jail after posting a bail of 6,000 euros. In fact, the investigating judge considered that the fire was not accidental but with intent.

At first, the trial had to be held at the Tarragona Court and with the presence of a popular jury. The prosecution claimed for each of the accused 19 years in prison. After the pact, one of them will spend four years in prison and the other, three years and nine months.

However, they will have to assume compensation of close to nine million euros for the family of the dead firefighters, to pay the owners of the lands devastated by the flames, as well as to cover the expenses of extinguishing the fire and for the impact environmental

In the eyes of justice, Paz and Forner are the only ones to blame for the misfortune of Horta de Sant Joan. The Tarragona Court filed the open case against Carles Font, the head of the guard in the deployment of firefighters in the fire.

The court considered that the grounds for indicting Font, Delta 0 during the extinction work, were not “sufficiently credited.” On the one hand, because it was possible to locate where the chief of the fire department was, according to testimonies, both in the previous hours as at the time of the fatal “entrapment.”

On the other hand, because it was considered proven that this command did not order a change of strategy in the work of extinguishing the flames.

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