Pemex terminates contracts with company owned by Felipa Obrador

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) announced this Saturday that it terminated all contracts with the participation of the Litoral Laboratorios Industriales company , owned by Felipa López Obrador, the federal president’s cousin.

The company said in a statement that during the current administration that company was awarded two joint contracts with other companies. Pemex stressed that an “exhaustive investigation” will be carried out on the way in which the tenders in which those contracts were given were handled.

The company acknowledged that Litoral Laboratorios Industriales participated in other tenders in which it did not obtain contracts, as was the case of a process in October 2019 in conjunction with Services Inter Lab de México. “The public servant responsible for verifying the content of the proposals noticed that the name of C. Felipa Guadalupe Obrador Olan was reflected in the ‘Manifestation of Links of Individuals’.

This was reported by the CEO of Pemex to the president of Mexico, and the response was categorical in the sense that under no circumstances would the assignment of contracts to any family member be allowed, “the company added in a statement.

Pemex stated that it informed Felipa Obrador that the contract would not be awarded and urged her to “continue to intervene in the tenders” of the oil company. “The president of Mexico has been and is categorical in the sense that under no circumstances is the assignment of contracts to his relatives allowed,” the company remarked.

The Latinus medium published this week that Felipa Obrador had contracts with the State productive company for a value of more than 365 million pesos through the company Litoral Laboratorios Industriales. The media stated that the company owned by the president’s family member obtained a contract in 2019, together with Marinsa de México, to inject chemical products into shallow water wells.

The amount of that agreement was for 231 million. This year, Litoral Laboratorios Industriales was awarded another three contracts, together with other companies, for 133 million pesos, Latinus said .

In this regard, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Friday that acts of corruption in the federal administration could not be allowed. “If a family member does something improper, they should be judged,” he remarked.

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