Face-to-face classes in Jalisco

The governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro , announced this Wednesday that on January 25 of next year children will be able to return to face-to-face classes, which have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The president emphasized that parents will be able to decide whether their children will go to class or continue virtually. “Face-to-face classes are optional for parents. That is, if a father does not feel sure that his son will return to class, he is not obliged to send him to classes. He may have a distance education alternative so that he can stay at home.

It is very important that we understand that, given the opinions of some parents who consider that it is not the time for their children to return, we have to leave that alternative open. We cannot force anyone to do the things that this type generates noise “, he specified. On January 8, teachers will be evaluated to find out who will be able to teach at the educational campuses.

“Reality tells us that 49 teachers and 47 doctors have died. Even without going to face-to-face classes, they are in an environment of risk compared to doctors. If we do things well, even in places of greatest risk, we can move forward”, exposed. On January 11 there will be a ‘cash cut’ to analyze the conditions that will allow the return in person.

From the analysis presented, this date will depend on whether the interagency health board authorizes it. Then the sanitation will begin on the campuses. Schools located in municipalities with moderate risk of contagion will be able to resume activities with the total of their enrollment, for four days, from Monday to Thursday.

Those schools that are in municipalities with a high risk of contagion will go to classes in two groups with 50 percent of the students, half will attend on Monday and Wednesday and the other half will attend Tuesday and Thursday.

Hours will be reduced. Preschool students will attend three hours, elementary four hours, secondary six hours, and high school five hours, at all levels they will have staggered breaks. On Fridays, the teachers will dedicate themselves to virtual activities and to attend to students who do not attend face-to-face classes.

Likewise, the state Health Secretariat will apply 2,500 tests to detect the disease in the educational community every two weeks. Similarly, the governor announced that, once the vaccine against the most current strain of coronavirus arrives, teachers will be the priority population to apply it.

In the country, a total of 106 thousand 765 people have died from the disease caused by SARS-COV-2, while confirmed cases of infection amount to one million 122 thousand 362, according to figures presented on Tuesday by the Secretariat of Health.

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