The week of the first massive Christmas celebrations begins with bad data regarding the epidemic . Both the incidence and the hospitalizations and those admitted to the ICU have rebounded compared to the previous Friday, a rise that was not recorded in these three indicators simultaneously since last November 9, the same day that the peak of incidence was registered of the second wave.

The Ministry of Health has notified this Monday 22,013 new positives and 334 deaths in three days , a figure that in the section of infections implies a new rebound compared to the previous Monday, while in the case of deaths it is the lowest figure since October 26 for a start to the week.

The communities that have reported the most cases have been Catalonia (4,529), Comunidad de Madrid (3,807), Andalusia (2,742) and Comunidad Valenciana (2,713).

Since March, 1.8 million people have been infected with coronavirus and 49,260 have died from this same cause, according to data provided daily by the Ministry of Health. The data on excess mortality from all causes released by the MoMo raise the death toll during the two waves of the pandemic to 70,731 .

The incidence in 14 days has increased 10 points in three days to reach 224.88 at the national level, a rebound of 5% driven by nine autonomies where this indicator has skyrocketed. However, the incidence in the last seven days has fallen by 0.3% after ten consecutive days on the rise.

Cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days increased in Extremadura (+ 20.64%), Balearic Islands (+ 20.26%), Catalonia (+ 13.7%), Community of Madrid (+ 8.6%) , Castilla-La Mancha (5.9%), Canarias (3.23%), La Rioja (3%), Andalusia (2%) and the Valencian Community (1.7%).

The Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón , insisted in her press conference this Monday on an idea that Simón already launched last Thursday: “an upward trend in the curve awaits us in the coming days , a fact that should concern us everyone especially, “he said.

The number of patients admitted to acute care beds has also increased this Monday, a rise that exceeds that registered between Monday and last Friday , although it is always convenient to clarify that during the weekends the rest are usually reported less high than usual. of days. Hospitalizations thus stood at 11,431 (207 more than on Friday), which represents an occupancy of 9.14% .

For its part, the number of seriously ill patients admitted to intensive care has increased once again after a month and has fallen steadily . This Monday, the number of patients in the ICU amounted to 1,944 (24 more than on Friday), with an average occupation of 20% nationwide.

Still five regions are above 25%, a percentage above which it is considered that there is a “very high” risk. These are La Rioja (35%), Castilla y León (29%), Catalonia (28%), Madrid (26%) and Asturias (25%).

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